Project Next Reviews – Can Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi Help You?

What’s Project Next by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi? It’s the next step, you either take it or you don’t.

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Listen, I’ll be real with you and inside this review, you’ll find out the whole overview of Project Next and my opinion about it. However, first I want to talk about something much more important.

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What’s Your Project Next?

project next review

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First of all, the way I see Project Next is not some magical device that will make all of your dreams come true. No, it’s a strategically designed course to push you to your own greatness.

Take you by the hand and extract the knowledge and experience you have. Then teaches you how to create it as well as package and market it to the right people.

Is the concept groundbreaking?

No, it has been done thousands of times before. However, there are key differences with the Project Next:

  • Design: It’s by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi with the help of some of the top people in online marketing right now. We’re talking 100+ years of combined experience
  • Execution: Dean and Tony combined traditional course format with 8-weeks of live training, 3-day virtual live event, and community to host it all.
  • Platform: You get access to the Mastermind platform specifically created for the needs of Project Next for easy creation and marketing of your product.
  • Support: Between the live support, community, and live training you’ll never feel alone or left behind. I know I’ve been part of it all before.
  • Network: a buzz word but being in a community with Tony, Dean, the rest of the guests, and thousands of Project Next students will mean high-profile connections all around.

The combination of the above, which I’ll go over in detail later in the review, is what separates Project Next from any of the courses on the subject I had the pleasure or pain of reviewing.

You see, there are 2 fundamental problems with most courses out there.

  1. The products are not complete. They lack something, required additional third-party products to even work, or just are plain ass boring. Come on, you know it’s true.
  2. They lack support. Creating an online income doesn’t need to be hard but it’s not like IKEA instructions. You need a perspective, a mindset, and not  3 steps with no support.

Sure, we can expand on them or even argue there are more but the majority of problems can be chucked into those two. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and let Tony and Dean do everything for you. Prepare to work.

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Your Next Project Is About You and Not Them

I can still hear the blabbing of hundreds of gurus saying how all you only need to ‘push a button or ‘turn a key for your personal unlimited ATM if you only buy their products.

Did that ever work for you? It didn’t for me, and I’ve tried way too many times that I feel comfortable admitting. Basically, I was a sucker for a quick buck.

The truth may be harsh, is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You either earn it yourself or earn it for someone else and get their scraps from the table. I mean you either work for your dreams or someone will hire you to work for theirs.

Hey, that’s life and some people are fine with it. In fact, if you are then there is nothing wrong with that. I know a lot of people that are perfectly content with a 9 to 5 job for the rest of their lives. Others are totally miserable and only wait for a weekend or a vacation to getaway.

Which one are you? The problem is that most in the second group are not ready to take action. They just want an opportunity and the work associated with it to be done for them. That’s why products that promise instant riches are so popular.

So, take your next project seriously, no one else will if you don’t.

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Is Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbin’s Project Next The Solution?

project next tony robbins

If you have a project, an idea, a passion, or just a drive to do something then Project Next has a solution for you. Sounds cliche? Because it is.

You see, you need to understand that greatest is in you already, in all of us. Do you know that statistically, you’re a miracle? The chances of you, the exact way you are, being born is one in 400 trillion.

Sure, we all screw up along the way and some of us never recover but that doesn’t make us any less special, it makes us human.

That’s exactly what Project Next is all about. It’s not fake it ’till you make it. It’s digging out what’s already inside you and just show you how to share it with the world.

Think of music, a good movie, or even substances. None of these actually create the feelings or emotions you feel, they highlight it or extract it at the moment.

So yes, it sounds cliche but if you want to get started with pretty much anything Project Next can help Click Here to get started

Overview: Project Next Reviews

project next

So, let’s see how Project Next can help you follow your dream. However, one thing to keep in mind that fulfilling a dream is not always a straightforward road. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish something great.

With that said, the most obvious 2 roads you can take with Project Next is to create your own product by extracting what you’re passionate about. Or be a reporter and report other people’s knowledge, experience and message.

However, don’t think it’s limited to just those two. The bigger picture is that it opens doors to being anything you ever wanted.

In fact, if you want to be an artist, writer, filmmaker, entertainer or anything between that it will help you get your message out, build an audience and help you launch whatever you want.

How about a business owner? An entrepreneur? A marketer? Again, Project Next has the right mindset and strategies to help you accomplish anything online. Then you can create a course about it and post it on

However, for the sake of the review, I’ll focus on the product creation aspect of Project Next

What Do You Get from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?

Let’s take a look at the tools and resources you get with Project Next to take it to a higher level. I’ve done this in the list to no-repeat what Tony, Dean, and other Project Next reviews talked about.

project next dean graziosi

  • The Digital Product System Program – 6 prerecorded modules to get you started right away. I know there are some action takers out there that will just run with this in a matter of days. As it teaches you:
    • Strategies on what to sell and how to sell it ethically
    • Marketing like a normal person in 2021 to people that want to hear your message
    • Finding the people/clients that want to work with you using social media
    • Selling strategies that don’t feel like selling but helping (Dean, Tony, and the rest uses it)
  • Master Class Series – 8-weeks of live training to complete and keep you along with the DPS program above as well as teach you new strategies. It includes:
    • Hand-holding throughout the whole process
    • New training and secrets revealed live
    • More real-life experience and knowledge
    • over the shoulder explanations
  • Platform – you get 3 free months of the platform Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi built for over $1 million using their own 65+ years of experience
    • You can build courses, workshops, masterminds, and events with it
    • Share your message with thousands of Masterminds members
    • Learn to market it to your inner and outer circles
  •  The Mastermind World Summit – you get free VIP tickets to the Tony and Dean virtual event that will feature more guests and their experiences as well as the ability to:
    • Share your own success
    • Take your project to the next level
    • Connect with more influential people
  • Private Community – a self-education revolution private group where Tony, Dean, and all the featured guests, as well as Project Next students, come together. You can:
    • Ask questions
    • Get feedback
    • Connect with like-minded people
    • Share your own struggles and results
  • Project Next Bonuses – You also get bonus courses from Jenna Kutcher, Jamie Kern Lima, and Russell Brunson that includes:
    • Unleashing Your Creativity With Jenna Kutcher
    • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Jamie Kern Lima
    • The Reporter Method with Russell Brunson

project next bonus

All in all, it’s a course complete with live training, platform, and community to get started on your next project. Are you ready?

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Will You Get Started With Project Next?

By now between Own Your Future Challenge and my review you know what Project Next, what it does, and how you can use it. However, will you get started with it?

Are you ready for the next step in your life? You have to be honest to yourself, don’t half-ass this opportunity. If you’re serious click the link below and change your life. If not, what’s stopping you?

Just make sure it isn’t you. You can blame society, your loved ones, or circumstances for your problems or shortcoming, I can’t help to do it too, but they’re not in charge of you. Sure, they can harm or help you but are not in charge of you. You’re the one that has the authority and power over you.

Are You ready? Now

If you have any questions or just want to chat about Project Next comment below.

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