Early Stage Trader Review – Find out Jeff Brown #1 Pick 2020

You only have hours left before the Early Stage Trader by Jeff Brown closes and your chance at a $142k profit from the Timed Stock that is set to spike on July 30th at 8:30 am will be gone.

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Jeff Brown’s #1 Timed Stock

jeff brown timed stock

If you get access to the Early Stage Trader newsletter today, you’ll be able to find out Jeff Brown’s number one pick that is set to spike on July 30th at 8:30. I’m talking about an $142,000 opportunity in less than 2 weeks from now.

Now I don’t know about you but that seems like a too good of an opportunity to pass on. However, I understand why you might be skeptical. After all, who is this Jeff Brown guy and what does he know that you don’t?

Let me tell you about Jeff Brown, but for those who are ready for action click below to get EST before the doors are closed to new members.

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Jeff Brown Reviews

jeff brown reviewsNow, before we go on let me tell you that I understand why you’re skeptical. I mean there is so much fake news and hyped-up crap online that you can get scammed daily if you don’t pay attention. In fact, I did get scammed tons of times because the second somebody mentions ‘money’ I was in.

Who wouldn’t want to turn $5,000 into $142,000 in less than two weeks, right?

The first question you must ask yourself when trying to verify if something is legit or not is simple: Is it possible?

 Is it possible to turn $5,000 into $142,000 investing? Yes, that’s a 2,740% ROI, and while it’s rare, it’s possible. I mean just look at some of the Timed Stocks since December and their ROI:

  • MRN: 852% in a day
  • HGEN: 873%
  • VXRT: 1,182%
  • TMBR: 1,386%
  • NVAX: 1,349%
  • MIR.V: 1,650%
  • IBIO: 1,742%
  • OBMP: 1,983%
  • BIEI: 2,400%
  • GTHR: 2,455% in 5 days
  • GNPX: 2,490%
  • IMMB: 2,900%
  • BOAA: 17,400% in a day
  • PTGEF: 84,900% in a day

Six of the stocks above had an ROI of over 2,000% and the top two had 17,400% and 84,900%. In fact, you can verify these yourself using Google.

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Once you establish legit you can go further and analyze how probable it is. Now let’s not kid ourselves, not all of Jeff Brown’s recommendations will be a 2,000%+ juggernauts. Those are a few a year kind of trades, but Jeff does guarantee all his recommendation will at least double on average and one will at least 10x your money or you get a year for free.

I don’t know about you but having an offer where every trade doubles on average and at least one goes 1,000% sounds like a good investment.

On the other hand, let’s take another example that fake gurus seem to float around these days. The make $10k per month doing nothing.

This one is a bit obvious, but I just want to show you the contrast between those two. In the first one, you have a verifiable way to profit and proof that it’s possible. On the other, you have a vague promise of making $10k without doing anything. Which one is more realistic?

The $10k per month example makes no sense, as no one will pay you for doing nothing. You would either need to pay someone else to do it or invest to make that $10k. Which would undermine the whole idea of not doing anything?

Finally, we come to the risk factor. I don’t need to tell you that anything you do in this world comes with a risk, including investments. Even though Jeff Brown backtested 173 Timed Stocks with 100% accuracy since December, that doesn’t mean that’s going to happen every time. That’s why it’s important to diversify your portfolio, invest a little in all the recommendations, and only invest what you are prepared to lose.

Knowing the risks, even if they are as small as with the Early Stage Trader, is key to good investments. On the other hand, the $10k a month example I’ve talked about usually doesn’t mention any of the risks. In fact, some of these would have you spend hundreds of hours and dollars per month before you even see a single dime as a return.

That’s why I chose Early Stage Trader above all of that and you should check it out as well here

Inside Jeff Brown’s Early Stage Trader

Let’s talk about what you get with Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks newsletter – EST:

early stage trader reviews

  • Newsletter – a monthly newsletter detailing a recommendation by Jeff Brown and information about the company.
  • Updates – as needed email + member’s area updates about open position stock or news update.
  • Buy Alerts – alerts that signal to buy a stock as its the optimum time to buy
  • Sell Alerts – alerts that signal to sell a stock as its the optimum time to sell
  • Portfolio – complete list of EST stocks with Open Date, Open Price, Recent Price, Dividends, Returns, Stop Loss and Buy up to the price.
  • Special Report – Jeff Brown’s publications that is not part of the EST but worth a look
  • Videos – recordings of Jeff Brown presentations
  • Early Stage Trader Bonuses – Jeff Brown’s Conference and Manifesto

Is Early Stage Trader by Jeff Brown Worth It?

Do you want a simple answer? If so, yes as it can pay for itself with the first few trades. The July 30th trade alone should be more than enough to 10x it.

However, let’s take a step back and just look at the situation we are in right now. With the economy going down the gutter and no help in sight the question should be reversed. Can you afford not getting Early Stage Trader and all the gains that come with it? Is it worth not getting?

For me, it is a no brainer. Jeff Brown allows me to invest a $1,000 to $5,000 into each recommendation and as part of his guarantee at least double my money on each or he works for me for a year.

Honestly, it would be foolish to not take up that offer if you want to increase your profits without putting a dent into your savings or retirement.

So what are you waiting for? Get Early Stage Trader now.

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