Review of Dan Hollings The Plan with Bonus Case Study 2022

Did you know that 99% of people that don’t have Dan Hollings The Plan lose money with cryptocurrencies in current market?

Yet, despite cryptos going down Dan’s crypto trading bot let’s me wiggle into the 1% of passive income like clockwork. What other crypto bots do that?

Important! Dan is closing The Plan for 2022! This is youre last chance!

Creators: Dan Hollings adn Rapid Crush Team
Publisher: Rapid Crush
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The Plan by Dan Hollings: Why It Works?

dan holling crypto reviews

First of all, I’m not one of those people that will say Dan Hollings’ The Plan is a scam and than try to offer you *my secret* way to earn a passive income online. Don’t fall for that BS.

With that said, this whole Dan Hollings Plan review is based on my own exprience. I’ve been using the course and software safety for a year, and it’s still one of the best value to earn passice income with cryptocurrencies.

So, why only $104 earnign screenshot? Anyone can make that with cryptocurrencies without a guide or support from the plan, right?

Daily Average vs Bot Profit: Why It Matters with Dan’s Strategy?

You see, despite having a $500+ or even $1000+ days I’ve decided to include a 104% profit day as my featured image. While many other reviews posts earnign reports into high hundreds or even several thousasands.


It was one within a week of using the Plan by Dan Hollings that I got that result. I mean over $100 bucks in 22 hours of doing nothing with a system I’ve been testing for less than a week is impressive.

However, what’s more mindblowing is that the $104 profit was made with crypto currency portfolio of $10,981. That’s almost 1% (0.95% to be exact) profit from my whole holdings when crypots were getting hammered.

But come on 1% is not much right? Well, look at it that way.

  • That’s one 1% daily, which would be 7% weekly and 30% monthly
  • I didn’t invest whole 10k to make $100, but let the bot use it

Start Getting 1% With The Plan

Earning 1% Daily Is Crazy! You Can Achieve it!

Let me upack why 1% daily average with investing is like a holy grail. You see, you often hear 10% or 20% or even 100% ROI (return on investment) as crazy good return.

But you have to remember that all of these are anually. So, you earn 10% or 100% every year. Meaing if you invested $3000 today, in a year you would have $3300 with a 10% ROI. A 100% ROI, that $3000 would turn into $6000.

I mean, even 10% sounds good if you have a lot of money. You would be barely above inflation, rate which is around 9% in 2022 in United States, but at least you won’t lose money.  In fact, your $3000 would be worth around $3030 after a year of investment with 10% ROI and 9% inflation rate.

However, if you invested $100 million, you would make a cool $10 million with a 10% ROI, even if inflation would eat $9 millions.

What Im trying to say is that at 1% daily average you could potentially have an ROI of 365% per year. Over 36 times more than 10%.

If you think 10% is small, the S&P 500 (most popular index) has yearly rate of around 7% ROI for the last 10 years before 2022. Of course in 2022 it’s actually down 14% but who’s counting right? It’s only your retirement, penstions and all savings riding on those returns.

Now you see how hard it’s to trust these financial industries. But, I’m getitng off topic. The point I’m getting at a 1% daily average is one of the best ROI, and it’s phenomenal in this market.

Let me tell you, it gets better, way better. But you can get it now

With Crypto The Plan You Don’t Invest All of It

So, with a tradional investment you invest a specific amount (buy in with $1000 let’s say) and if it grows and you sell it for higher price. At 10% ROI it grew 10% in a year, so it would be $1100.

However, you don’t get the extra $100 unless you sell it. In fact, it can crash and burn the next and instead of making $100 you could be out $500 if it dropped to $500.

People don’t realize this but if you invest in tradtional ways you either win or lose, there is really no middle ground. That’s not the case with Dan Holling’s The Plan.

With the Plan aciticly trades a small amout of the crypto pair to make profits. So, while the profit on each trade is not much, it makes your risk almost non existant. With the bot making hundreds if not thousands of trades per day, these tiny profits really ad up.

It’s like Dan Hollings says, it’s like having gumball machine business. While the profit on each sale of a gum might be just $0.10 if you sell enough of them, you can make thousabds

That’s how Dan’s Plan Does it -Get It

Plan Makes it Even Better

By now you have to realize how profitable the Plan by Dan Holling’s could be if used correctly. I mean possible 365% ROI is unheard-of in todays world. It means it could turn a $1,000 investment into $4,650. That’s almost 5x your investment.

However, the 1% daily average doesn’t include compound interest. With a 1% daily average you would achive 365% annual ROI if you kept taking out all the profits. You will not see cryptocurrency results like that on YouTube.  But Dan’s the plan can deliver.

What I mean by that is if you had a crypto porfolio of $10,000 and had a 1% daily average you would earn $100 per day. If that average continiued and you kept taking out that $100 each day, you would keep earnin g a $100 each day.

However, if you reinvest that $100 profit you would get a compound return. Which means withing a week your total investment would be $10,721 and within a month $13,478.

Do you know what that $10,000 would turn into within a year if you reinvested all profits and kept a 1% daily average? That $10,000 would turn to $377,834!

Here’s a breakdown month by month.

  • Month 1: $13,478
  • Month 2: $18,167
  • Month 3: $24,486
  • Month 4: $33,334
  • Month 5: $49,630
  • Month 6: $66,231
  • Month 7: $82,439
  • Month 8: $111,115
  • Month 9: $149,766
  • Month 10: $201,862
  • Month 11: $272,080
  • Month 12: $377,834

By now I hope you understabd the potential of Dan Hollings The Plan. I mean this system has a 100% success rate with BETA testes and with my bonus a 1% ROI can make you very rich.

Even in current market which tells you something. I mean everyone can be a big shot when cryptocurreies are going up, but to make money while they are going down takes a special kind of skill and Dan Hollings has it.

Best part? This platform works with almost all major crypto exchanges.

Together with my bonus you can profit no matter if cryptos are going up, down, or sideways. However, it all ends today so grab Dan Hollings The Plan now and get my bonus

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Inside Review of Dan Hollins The Plan

dan hollings the plan reviews

So, as you might already know This Dan Hollings guy is something else.

Initially, the Plan is broken down in to phases. We’re currently at phase 1 in which it’s all about gathering cryptos with A.I. trading method and holding or hodling the right amounts.

Now, of course it’s up to you what you will do with your earning from The Plan but once you get inside the crypto training you’re realize there is so much more and all you have to do is follow simple direction to be part of the movement I described above.

Here are 3 more phases as they are planned now (there will be more).

  • Phase #1 – Grid Bot & Advanced Hodl’ing: This is what I described, the money maker and strategies to multiple what you already made after paying yourself.
  • Phase # 2 – DeFi Secrets & Mega Returns: Banking using blockchain now? Soon we might not even need banks with decentralized fiances DeFi
  • Phase # 3 – Grand Scale Crypto Rebalancing: This is probably going to be the safest way to hold and profit from cryptos by doing nothing.
  • Phase # 4 – Advanced Grid Bot Platinum: Taking the grid bot to the next level for even better profits.

There is definitely going to be more phase, maybe even blockchain internet phase but for now let’s gather as much cryptocurrencies as we can.


Dan Holdings Reviewdan hollings reviews

So, I’ve talked about Dan Hollings without really talking about him throughout the whole post. So who is this guy with a plan named Dan Hollings?

First of all, the guy is a marketing genius. Dan Hollings was the guy behind The Secret marketing, both the book and movie. He also was one of the first to realize the potential of mobile marketing and worked on other marketing projects for big companies but than decide to use his power for good.

Literally, he thought Amazon marketing to thousands of people that are generating almost a billion in sales on Amazon right now.

Finally, after getting the crypto bug in 2017 and losing tons of money in 2018 Dan Hollings new he had to crack the code for the path to the future.

Sounds funny, right? Dan lost a good amount of money on cryptos yet dedicated almost all of his time to it? Why?

Being who he is and they way he spots opportunities, Dan knew this was too good to pass on. Oh boy, was he right. Not only did he generated a significant amount of cryptos thanks to his A.I. method but already helped hundreds more do the same.

Now, he’s finally letting out the rest of us benefit based on what he found.

Are you ready? Join Now

Why Cryptocurency is The Future: Even if You Don’t

Let me come out and say that I love cryptos. I love the idea of a decentralized currencies, the benefits of the blockchain, and of course the money making possibilities you have with cryptocurrency.

I 100% believe that cryptos are the new internet of the last decade. In fact, it might be bigger than the internet and it’s growing even faster.

From Idea to Mainstream: From Internet to Cryptos

Do you remember life before the internet? Chances are if you were born before the 90s, you do. For example only 0.5% of the world’s population was online in 1990.

Even in 2020 only 7% of the world had access to the internet. So, when asked most people think the internet was invented in the 1990s and  many of us didn’t jump on before 2000.

However, Internet’s birthday is actually January 1st, 1983! A whopping 14 years before I started using it in 1997.

Check out

To illustrate this even futher, here were only around 14 million internet users in the world in 1993, 10 years after it was invented. On the other hand today there are 4.66 billions people online. That’s over increase of 338 times and 64% of the whole world’s population.

On the other hand, Bitcoin was created in 2009 and in 2019 there were 36.5 million people owning cryptos. That 2.6 times more people owning cryptos  that the internet in the same time span of 10 years.

That’s pretty impressive considering you had to jump through much more hoops to own Bitcoin in the early days.

However, it gets even better. When I was doing the latest research for this Dan Hollings’ The Plan review I found  that 19% of world population bought cryptos based on the a research by Kaspersky .

. That’s insane! It seems 10% in the US was wild but 19% in the world compared to 0.25% of internet usage in the same time?

Ready to join?

What Does That Mean For Cryptos?

I don’t know about you but I can’t live without the internet. What I mean is the access to the internet and not a particular device. I can live without my phone, my laptop or desktop but once you take all 3 and I’m left with no internet this is when the trouble starts.

Why I’m going over all of this?

It means cryptos are at a much faster acceleration than the internet was in any of the charts.

So, if we had only 14 million internet users after 10 years and 4.6 billion after another 30 imagine what cryptos will do. I mean cryptos are only 12 years old and they are already taking over the main stream.

Imagine their power in 10 or even 20 years from now. If it goes at the pace of the internet we will see 64% using cryptos in 20 years The price of Bitcoin will be insane by that time.

If that wasn’t enough do you realize that the new internet might be on the blockchain as well?

We often talk about buying Amazon, Google, Apple stocks when they low but imagine own a piece of the internet. That’s how big cryptocurrency and the blockchain can get.

In fact, I’m going to say it that blockchain will be bigger than the internet and companies from all sectors are starting to utilize the blockchain.

  • Banks and Financial institution like HSBC and VISA
  • Supply Chain like Walmart and Ford
  • Healthcare like FDA and CDC
  • Insurance like Aegon and MetLife
  • Emery like Siemens and Shell
  • Travel like Delta and British Airlines
  • Even government is getting on the action

However, Dan Hollings has a Plan. Click Here to get it

My Bonus

Let me sweeten the deal for you and help you make the right decision. If you decide to get Then Plan by Dan Hollings using one of the links on my site I’ll help you out.

I’ll let you know my trading bots, set up, what I’m hodling and so much more.

I’ve been using the Plan already for a while so I know a thing or two about it.

You would be silly to miss on an opportunity like that and if you have me by your side you never will.

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