AMBSDR Review – Chris Luck 2022 Program & My Best Bonus

Why is Chris Luck's AMBSDR program getting so much attention right now? And should you even care about becoming a brand ambassador?

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Brief Review: What is AMBSDR Anyway?

AMBSDR is a certification program by Chris Luck that teaches you how to become a brand ambassador in 6 weeks or less. As a brand ambassador, you'll get paid to share and talk about companies and their products.

Which sounds a lot like either being an influencer or an affiliate marketer, right?

However, there are several differences that set all of these apart.

Why Being A Brand Ambassador is Better?

I think to better understand what it is to be a brand ambassador or Chris Luck's version AMBSDR, is to know the difference between the three and why it's the best to be a brand ambassador in 2022 and for the future.

If you prefer to jump straight to the overview of the AMBSDR course click here.

With that said, let's define it:

  • Influencer:  (AKA Internet celebrity) is someone who has acquired or developed their fame and notability through the Internet.
  • Affiliate Marketer: is someone who promotes other people's products or services for a percentage based commission or CPA.
  • Brand Ambassador: is someone engaged by an organization or company to represent its brand in a positive light, helping to increase brand awareness and sales.

There is a certain amount of overlap among these three, as a brand ambassador can also be an affiliate, and in AMBSDR you learn to profit with affiliate marketing, but not every affiliate marketer is an ambassador.

Same way, an influncer can promote affiliate products, without being either a affiliate marketer or brand ambassador. Confused yet?

No worries, it gets better and at the end of the day being a brand ambassador, or a AMBSDR is the best option.

How Does AMBSDR work, and Why is it The Best?

It's all about trust and authority in 2022 and the future. These days, no one trust random ads that pop up everywhere. Which severely limits affiliate marketing as most of it promoting and advertising affiliate offers. There is often no real company or a person attached to promotions.

On the other hand, people also know that influncers are not that trustworthy. They get paid huge amounts of money to promote products they most likely never use.

Like this post from Scott Disick (ex-husband of one of the Kardashians).

Where he posted the instructions inside the post itself.

Does he care? Probably not, he got paid and that's what matters for influencers. They usually don't get about the product because they are the product.

If that wasn't enough for companies to seek better solutions to advertising, the fact that now in most countries these promotional posts need to be marked as sponsored by law, really make it difficult to trust celebrities posting for money.

As a brand ambassador, especially how Chris Luck teaches, you build content around brands and products, and not just do a single post or promote article.

Becoming an authority in the subject that is trustworthy.

Becoming an Expert Benefits

So, at this point, it seems clear that being an ambassador for brands is a better path to long term success than either an influencer or affiliate marketer. Let's just recap some of the AMBSDR benefits:

  • Don't need to be famous or a celebrity already like influencers
  • Don't have to “sell yourself” to be popular
  • Don't have to be shady or fake
  • Don't have to sell everything
  • Don't have to promote everything
  • Don't have to be looking for the next hot offer all the time

Those seem great, you can be yourself and still make a great income online. After all, people do naturally trust brand ambassadors more, and both companies and advertisers often prefer to work with ambassadors.

However, it gets better, and it's something most people don't even know about.

Reach More People as an Expert

Did you know that tech companies like Google, Facebook, and pretty much ever social network out there, have been working on systems to filter and deliver content to their users?

It's a bit controversial but their end goal, at least it is what they claim to be, is to separate real information from fake. No one really knows the exact way they do it, and each company is different, but we know they most likely use some kind of point system.

For example, Google, is using their massive search engine index to pre-qualify experts. They even began attacking non-expert affiliates publicly, stating that you need to show proof of knowledge or expertise about what you promote

What does that mean? If you're searching for a medical term, the results more often shown to you, or on the top, will be from medical sites and doctors.

On the other hand, if you are searching about gardening, you will most likely see results from gardening experts. Only anyone can be a gardening expert and doesn't need a formal qualification.

Do you see where I'm getting at? With the teaching from Chris Luck in the AMBSDR and my bonus, you will become an expert in the eyes of these companies.

In result, you'll build a bigger audience, have more authority, trust and all these gate keeping companies will reward you by prioritizing your posts.

Become An Ambassador with Chris Luck 

I hope you enjoyed that big dive into why becoming a brand ambassador with AMBSDR with Chris Luck is worth your time.

I would argue that this online business model is one of the easiest, fastest and most rewarding out of all internet businesses. Not only because you can become an ambassador from brands you love, or a niche you're passionate, but also make ridicules amounts of money while helping others.

There are already thousands of happy AMBSDR's course students with real-life results. The experience is amazing, and I recommend it to everyone. But how do you do it?

How to use AMBSDR in the Real World? Inside Review

So, like previously stated, AMBSDR includes a 6-week certification course, which is the main part of the program.

Inside you will learn:

  1. Plan – how to get started, select your industry, and so on
  2. Research – reverse engineer competitors, trends and so on
  3. Build – how to set it all up, customize it and have a plan.
  4. Write – build content, use AI, free photos, and prepare
  5. Promote – start earning with promotions methods
  6. Automate – how to automate the process

Naturally, Chris goes into details on each one. In fact, there are 26 lessons on the above topics, and if that wasn't enough there will be live training.

In fact, the AMBSRD program also includes:

  • Other courses – like about pinterest that help you scale
  • Trends – learn what are the hottest trends to get into
  • Live stream parties – yes its live!
  • Accelerator – discover hot products every week
  • Partnership – partner with Chris Luck and AMBSDR
  • and the Community!

Community That Learns Together Earns Together

As you can see, a lot is included in the system by Chris. The user-friendly-design, superb quality, and fantastic features attract all types of students.

Which in result creates an excellent community. It's a breath of fresh air to be in an online group that's wonderful and not toxic. However, don't think it all pats on the back and smiles.

No, Chris included a lot in the community, for examples

  • Reviews
  • Introductions
  • Family
  • Partners
  • Accountability
  • Celebrations
  • Conversations
  • Discoveries
  • Motivations
  • Questions

The community is all about positive feedback and that's fantastic, but it's also about powerful messages, moving forward and maximizing your potential.

Truly, Chris took care of the “How” like no other program. He covered everything, and it's an awesome experience to complete the certification. Even for a more veteran marketer like me.

Why AMBSRD is For You?

Many people focus on how do I do this? But, like I said earlier the “how” is taken care off with, you have to think about the “Why” now.

You know the idiom, “if there's a will, there's a way.”

It's much meaningful than just finding a way. Let's say you want to get to grab some launch at your favorite restaurant. You already know the way, or if not you can search it up, the thing that actually makes you get up and walk, run, drive or fly, to that place is the why, not the how.

After all, the goal is to eat a delicious meal and not get to the restaurant.

The “why” allows us to accomplish things, the “how “is just an instruction manual. That's why if there is a will, a “why”, there is a way, directions.

With that said, you already have the “How” what is your why?

Is Money The Why? Or Something Deeper?

The reason why you need a strong “why” is because it's what will push you forward. The why is what makes us write that post, create that design, reach out to people, when all we want to do is sit and watch Netflix.

That's why I think saying money as why is not that powerful. Now, don't me wrong, you don't need some higher purpose to be a brand ambassador or try to change the world. I mean, you can, but it's not a requirement.

The truth is that a better “why” is the reason you want money. Maybe you want it to retire, and live without the stress of money worries. Maybe you want to retire your parents? Help your kids or loved ones?

Maybe you want financial freedom in the uncertain world.

Or maybe you just want to live a luxurious life like the online millionaires you see on ads. Once you attach a reason why you want money, it becomes a much more powerful why, and you'll achieve it sooner.

How To Get AMBSDR Bonus!

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