UpViral Review – Learn How To Make Anything Go Viral in 2022

With UpViral Wilco De Kreij cracked the code of viral marketing like no other. However, is it still profitable in 2020?

Check out the UpViral review below to find out for yourself!

Creator: Wilco De Kreij
Pricing: Plans at $39/m, $59/m and $149/m
Official Site: Upviral.com

Is UpViral Marketing Valid In 2020?

upviralViral marketing, or simply spreading information from perosn to person, has been around for ages, but social media has taken it to the next level.

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIN and tons of others made it possible for anyone to share anything and everything online.

Once other people start sharing the same it becomes like a snowball effect and that piece of content becomes viral.

I mean we all seen it happen on almost daily basis. Someone shares a funny cat video, 5 of their friend share it as well, and so on.

5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 = 48,828,125

Just 10 levels deep and it could have been shared over 48 million times.

Now while that’s a simple represenation of something going viral, the good thing is that we can leverage it.

How Does UpViral Leverage Viral Marketing?

Wilco De Kreij reviews

You’ve probably seen different share buttons, call outs or other insentives to help spread content. Which works on a small scale if you want to get a few social signals here and there, but is not enough to go viral.

Let’s face it, most people only share it to gain something and ones they do it doesn’t matter anymore.

Here’s how Up Viral by Wilco de Kreij differs. Instead of just focusing on the intial share, it takes it a step further. It continiues the idea of gaining additional benefits if the people you share with share it as well.

This mimics something going viral because you then have mutiple people on different levels sharing the same thing over and over again.

Like with my example above, 5 times 5 several times over.

How about a UpViral Campaign Example?

upviral review

While the above seems great let’s take a look at a viral giveaway as an example. Which is one of my favorite ways to use UpViral.

The “Easily Run Viral Giveaways” are my favorite because the simple idea of giving a report or a gift for free in return for 6 subscribers (or how many you decide) instead of the traditional 1 you get with typical lead page.

Now, if you’ve done any lead generation you might know from experience that getting 1 person sign up alone can be hard, let alone have them sign up 5 more.

Which is true, but with Wilco De Kreij training you can easily get 50% and above. However, the beauty of giveaway is that it’s easier to get 5 leads that way than getting 5 lead individually.

Here is why from my experience:

  • It’s different–  people are sick and tired of lead pages. The pages that offer something for free if you only enter your email. It’s overdone, and a change is a good thing in marketing.
  • Seems more valuable– the more you work for something the more valuable it seems. Seeing how you need 5 people to sign up makes it worth more than just putting in an email.
  • It’s more fun – people love to share things and while your lead page might not get shared, a giveaway, quiz, sweepstake and other more “shareable” things do.

That’s powerful and if used correctly can 5x your leads right away.

Why It Works Great In Niche Marketing?

Here’s a Pro Tip for you!

Upviral works wonder in niche marketing. You see, I’ve noticed that people in groups, or friends are often into the same things.

So, if you’re targeting someone in the healthy lifestyle niche they will have friends and acquaintance that are into that as well. Make sense right?

Same thing goes for video games, dieting, business and so on. Even politics!

In fact, it’s the most clear in politics because of how divided people are on that topic. The ironic thing is that the internet was supposed to help us understand other groups of people with different believes and ideas, but instead it create pockets or groups for the same type of people to hang out.

Which is a shame but also allows us as marketers target those groups easier. In fact, you might even want to change the world using UpViral.


Pro Tip #2!

Another why it works so well is that people are bored to death by the same ads. The ad fatigue is so real that we have Ad-Blockers are making money on blocking ads for us. If that wasn’t enough, those people that do see ads have learned to ignore them almost 100%.

Upviral taps into that and flips it around so it passes out defensive mechanisms against ads.

Just think about it, would you rather get information from a friend or a family member, or at least someone in the same group as you or a random ad?

Chances are you in the 92% of costumers that trust referrals and recommendations from family and friends. While only around 13% trust advertising.

That is why it doesn’t matter if you are an email marketer, affiliate marketer, social media marketer or have your own business, everybody needs more views, leads and sales.  That is what UpViral can do for you. Best part is that you can use it with any other starter you are already doing to increase your sales or just start from scratch.

However, the price of UpViral is going up so you better think fast. Grab it below to get started now.

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