Palm Beach Confidential Review – Market Update and Last Chance To Buy?

2020 is quickly approaching and Teeka Tiwari is about to close Palm Beach Confidential for the year. What does that mean?

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Why Palm Beach Confidential Has Been Closed For Over A Year?

palm beach confidential review

If you follow Teeka Tiwari and PBC you know that the last live event Teeka did was in Agust 2018. In fact, since then he has not promoted PBC or other crypto related newsletters. Why is that?

  • Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency was in a limbo
  • Nothing new or excisting was happening in the market

You see, despite not coming out with any big news to the general public, Teeka and his team have been hard at work this whole time. As PBC subscriber I can vouch for that as Teeka’s been doing newsletters and videos on regular basis.

So, what changed?

Teeka is certain that some of the events that are unfolding will have a huge impact on the whole cryptocurrency market. In fact, it looks like 2020 and on will make the gains from 2016 to 2018 look insignificant.

Palm Beach Confidential: 5 Coins To $5 Millions

5 coins to 5 million palm beach confidential

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about please watch the replay above (need to enter your email). In it Teeka explains everything that’s about to happen and how he believes investing $500 to each of his 5 coin recommedations can turn into $5,000,000 in 10 months.

$5 million is a 199,900% gain on a investment of $2,500 in total. Crazy, right?

What if I told you it is not only possible but Teeka has achieved similar and better results already.

How Does 142,978% gain in 9 months sounds?

Teeka made headlines when one of his picks went from $.013 to $187 in just 9 months. That’s a 142,978% gain in less than a year. 3/4 of a year to be exact.

That cryptocurrency is of course NEO, and it’s probably the most well known prediction by Teeka Tiwari.

Just think about it, if you put in $100 into NEO when Teeka recommend it and sold it at peak you would have made $143,746 profit. That’s right you would have turned a $100 into over $143k.

That’s like exchanging a dinner for two at a decent restaurant into a house in many states, apartment in most and even fancy cars like Ferrari or Rolls-Royce.

However, I get it. You’re probably thinking Teeka got lucky, maybe got one right in the string of bad calls? Well, Teeka maintained over 1,700% total gains in all open positions despite the sideway market we had for the past year and half.

On top of that just look what happened the last time Teeka talked about this phenomenon.

Teeka Tiwari coin prediction

Teeka coins

Teeka Tiwari palm beach confidential

Unfortunately, I can’t release the names of these cryptos because these are for Palm Beach Confidential members only, but you can see the crazy returns.

I mean imagine turning $500 to $5.1M or $2.07M or $2.7M? All of the gains were possible because of the bitcoin halving that happened in 2016.

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The Halving of 2020 Real?

What is this halving anyway? Teeka explains it best in the live event (Click Here to watch the replay). However, let me give you the basic idea.

So, you might not be aware of this but since the start the amount of Bitcoin there will be in the world was set to 21 millions. Almost 17 millions were already mined and that leaves only about 3 millions.

However, every 4 years the amount of bitcoins that can be mined (per day for example) gets cut in half, hence halving.

Now that doesn’t mean that anyone that already has Bitcoins loses half, or anything like that, all it really means it will take twice as much time to mine as it did before the halving.

Which makes Bitcoin by default more expensive. Now, while the price might not correlate with the halving exactly. Both in 2012 and 2016 halving had a major impact on the price of not only Bitcoin, but many alt-coins in the year following.

With the May 2020 halving quickly approaching Teeka believes this is a crucial moment to get up to 1,000,000% gains. It happened before and looks like the stage is set for it to happen again.

Boom – It’s still opened – get it

What Awaits You Inside Palm Beach Confidential

Of course, the primary purpose of the newsletter is to let you know about potential cryptocurrencies that will most likely gain at least 1,000% in the next 12 months. However, it’s much more than that.

palm beach confidential

For example, PBC has one of the most detail and up to date information on how to get started with Cryptocurrencies that I found. Which is a big deal as there is a lot of misguides information floating around forums that could put your cryptos in jeopardy.

So if you’re new or even advanced, I recommend checking out the Crypto Corner inside the member’s area. It will save you a lot of pain and frustrations.

Other useful additions to the newsletter are the User Guide and Reports. User Guide is like a table of context for cryptocurrency and PBC. You can quickly locate information about both. Reports, on the other hand, have all the past and present resources like webinars and Q&A sessions.

Now if the monthly newsletter, which is very detailed, is not enough for you, check out the Portfolio and watch for Updates.

The portfolio has all the top recommendations by Teeka, along with buy date and buy up to amounts. While Updates will supply you the information about the cryptocurrency market between newsletters.

Finally, Issues are the monthly newsletters detailing the best recommendation at that moment. However, it is not  a simple command like “buy this now” or “but that later.” Each issue provides in-depth information on why it is a good pick and backs it up with research.

No wonder these pick yield on average 1,700% gain and could be as much as 37,000%. Okay, but what about the guy that runs it all?

Meet Teeka Tiwari: The Crypto Guru

teeka tiwariSo who is the guy that’s able to pick out multiple cryptocurrencies that gain over 500% in a year or less?

No one other than Big T, or Teeka Tiwari. This guy seems to have investing in his blood. At 18 he became part of a team at Shearson Lehman Bros, and went to become one of their youngest vice president in the history of the company.

However, that wasn’t enough for Teeka and started a hedge fund that made him and his clients millions of dollars. And was that enough for him?

Apparently not, as in 2013 he left Wall Street and went into cryptocurrency to become one of the most sought out experts in the field. Do you see a pattern forming here?

Anything Big T touches turns to gold. However, it’s is not luck but true dedication. Teeka travels the world seeking out information and opportunities that allow him to be the best.

Why Go With Palm Beach Confidential And Teeka Tiwari?

teeka 5 coinsOnce I did some research and saw the results Teeka was getting it was a no-brainer that his newsletter was the one for me.

No one seems to be as committed as Teeka about finding profitable picks.

So if you’re one of those people that want to see recommendations with gains of 1,000%, which Teeka actually guarantees or next year is free, PBC is for you.

Are you going to invest and possibly see the biggest gains of your life? Or are you going to watch the market from the side and wish you invested?

The choice is yours but Palm Beach Confidential offer expires today so you need to make your decision now, are you in?

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