ConnectRetarget Review – Way to Fix Retargeting?

ConnectRetarget takes Facebook advertising to the next level by improving re-targeting with essential filters. What does that mean to you? The cheapest and best converting clicks you will ever find on FB.

connectretargetCreator: Wilco de Kreij
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Lifetime Price: $197 after instant discount
Monthly: $37 with my coupon code
Yearly Price: $147

Taking FB Ads To The next Level: Connect Retarget


If you been using Facebook or any PPC advertising you probably heard about retargeting. Basically a process of targeting (or re-targeting) people that already clicked on your ad or viewed your page.

The main idea behind it is to target people that already shown some interest in what you’re promoting. In theory it seems like a perfect campaign, so no wonder why so many people think retargeting is the holy grail of advertising.

However, in practice it is not always that perfect.  Don’t get me wrong, it does lower cost per click and increases engagement but it doesn’t do a good job at filtering out people that are 100% not interested. I’m talking about all those people that click your ad by mistake, got lost browsing, just wanted to see what it is about, left right away, hated the offer and so on.

Now how do you deal with those people? For most part you either just continied running the ads and keep losing money or try to filter them manually (I still don’t know how to do that.) However, there seems to be a better way.

Option 3: The ability to capture the behavior of your visitors.

connect retarget discount coupon codeImagine being able to sort, filter and build your retarget list based on on the behavior of the visitor. I’m taking about time on page, scroll percentage and all the other factors that indicate interest in you offer.

ConnectRetarget by Wilco de Kreij does exactly that. After the visitor hits your page Connect Retarget will track his or her behavior and rank it accodingly. This means no more wasting money on dead-end visitors.

Inside Look Into ConnectRetarget

connectioGetting started with Connect Retarget is a lot easier than I thought. After following the step by step process of connecting your FB account and generating a tracking pixel you’ll be taken to the main menu that includes:

  • Manage Audiences –  create and manage CR audience for your retarget campaigns. I’ll explain this better later.
  • Manage Pixels –  manage the pixels that will be placed on your FB pages/campaigns.
  • Learning center –  all the tutorials, how to get started,  strategies, case studies, bonuses and 20+ videos are found here.

So let’s take a closer look at Manage Audience, the place where you set up the retarget filters.

connect retarget members area

As you can see above setting up a campaign takes is very minimal and take around 2 or 3 minutes.  All you really do is a pick a name, url and select the filters you want to use. These include:

  • Time on site – one of my favorites as people that generally stay on a site for a minute or more are at least somehow interested.
  • Scrolled –  this combined with “time on site” is what I mostly use as it includes people that stayed for at least 20 seconds and scrolled 25% of the page.
  • Browser Language – nice feature for a specific language promotions.
  • Referral Source – a useful options if you have a specific traffic source you are using and want to build a retarget campaign with that.
  • Number of visits – a returning visitors is a good indication that he or she wants more and is ready to buy.
  • Date of Visit – good feature to have for time sensitive promos
  • Visiting Device – I first overlooked this feature but now I see its great potential for device used based campaigns.

And all you have to do is select the ones you want like this:


Why Is This The Key To Retarget Campaigns?

Before I started with retargeting I always thought it was bit of gimmick. Just a way to spend more money on advertising that might or might not convert. However, after seeing my conversion and commissions double it totally change the way I do marketing.

With that said, Connectretarget takes even retargeting to the next level. It drills down even deeper to connect you with the perfect leads and costumers possible. Don’t be surprised if you triple or quadrupedal your conversions while lowering your ads spend with it.

However, what if you’re not doing  retargeting or even FB ads? Don’t worry, the learning center has all the training you do from Wilco de Kreij. I actually learned how to get $0.10 leads from one of his courses without even doing retargeting.

So what ae you waiting for? Click below to get ConnectRetarget now!

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How about Connectretarget Bonus?

What if I told you there is a way to build your FB retarget audience list without spending a dime on ads? After playing around with Connect Retarget I discovered that all your FB page visitors will go throught the filter, no matter if it is from a paid or free traffic source.

So I started ranking sending free traffic to my fan pages and than convert them into buyers using connectretarget campaigns. As a bonus I’ll show you my top 5 ways to do the same.

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