Connect Explore Review and FB Secrets Bonus

Uncover Facebook interest like never before with Connect Explore by Wilco de Kreij. This new tool will allow you to go after high targeted interested without competing with thousands of other marketers.

Creator: Wilco De Kreij
Official Site: Click Here now

Why ConnectExplore?

connect-exploreIf you do or have done FB advertising in the past, you know that it is all about ROI. Most marketers that are successful these days on Facebook ads are either dumping thousands of dollars into testing or already discovered perfect combination that works.

Does that mean advertising on FB is dead? No, but to be successful and have a  great ROI, like 200% or even 500% return on investment you need a competitive edge. Which requires time and budget most of us don’t have, or don’t want to spend.

That’s why I stopped using Facebook ads once it became the second Google Adwords.  However, once again Wilco de Kreij has pulled me back into the mix with his latest creation.

You see, the simplest targeting method in FB is through interests. For example it makes perfect sense to target cat lovers if you’re selling cat products, right? That’s what most people did, and still do, and that is why FB exploded unto the scene back in the day.

competiive-edgeNow how did this change? If you have 1 person targeting cat lovers than it’s great, he can really highly targeted traffic cheap. 2 people? Still great. 10? 20? 50? If the market is big enough that was still not a problem, but if you have thousands of people going for the same interests than ad prices skyrocket. In result your ROI goes to the crapper.

So, Wilco de Kreij decided to create a system, Connect Explore, that will find interests that no one, or just a few, are going after. This could include long term intestines, based on a specific niche, subniche and so on.

Best part? ConnectExplore finds hundreds, if not thousands of those interested, mix and match them to give you only the best ones. This process makes it possible to target the same people, cat lovers in this example, for a fraction of a cost.  Giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Just imagine your profits if you can cut your ad spends by 50%. How about 70%? The ROI will explode.

Not doing FB ads? Is ConnectExplore worth it?


If you never did FB ads that this is the second best time to start, the only better was when FB launched ads, as you will have competitive advantage over 90% of marketers doing Facebook advertising right now. Wilco even includes training on how to get started immediately.

Now only that but you’ll also get my bonus.

FB Secrets – Connect Explore Bonus

fb-secretsThrough the years of using different systems and testing my own theories I developed some golden nuggets of Facebook advertising. These will most likely double or even triple your income if applied correctly, however you will not find them in an eBook or previous course.

This is the first time I’m going to be releasing them to the public as my bonus.

Final ConnectExplore Verdict


This one is pretty straightforward. If you want to spend less on advertising while retaining the highly targeted traffic FB offers than you want Connect Explore, probably even need it. You’re goinng to increase your ROI, it is that simple

On the other hand if you’re not interested in Facebook or any kind of advertising this is not for you, sorry,

So what are you waiting for? Get Connect Explore now and get started.

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