Bitcoin Mentor Club Review – New Way To Earn Online For 2018

Did you see the latest Bitcoin rally? If you were a part of Bitcoin Mentor Club you could have pocketed $3,000+ in a single day from just 1 bitcoin.

Creator: Cecil Robles
Official Site:

Bitcoin Neared $20,000 on Coinbase

If you been following Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency, you know it was one of the craziest weeks to date. In 2 days, (Dec. 6 to 8) Bitcoin went from less than $12k to almost $18K

That’s over $6,000 in 2 days. However, I don’t want to sound like one of those guys that says what you should have done after the fact. I rather speak from experience, and I

ended up buying one bitcoin on the 6th to make a profit of $3,000. Which is still great for few minutes of trading.

You see, it was easy to spot that there will be a big Bitcoin rally in the last few days. All the factors lined up perfectly. Once you become a part of Bitcoin Mentor Club, you

will be able to spot them as well.

For example, in this one, the media played a big role. There were at least 10 other ones I can’t disclose in this review, sorry.

However, I’ll give you another pro tip for free. After big rally’s like this, there is almost always a price correlation. So it is perfectly normal for the price to fall, even

lower than before. Which isn’t a bad thing as it gives you the opportunity reinvest your profits and bring your ROI.

Update Dec 12th: The price of Bitcoin is back to over $17K, just 2 days after hitting low $13k on Dec 10th. This exactly what I was talking about just 2 days

ago above.

Is Bitcoin Mentor Club Only About Bitcoins?

Not at all. In fact, it mostly

focuses on smaller cryptocurrencies with bigger returns, or initial coin offerings (ICOs) so that can you stay ahead of the public. Both of these usually require a small

investment of $100 to $500 to see good profits.

In fact, one ICO that Cecil Robles recommended has gone up by 650% in a single month. That’s a $650 profit on just $100 investment.

With that said, you still have updates (via email and text) as well as bi-weekly newsletters that talk about all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

What Is Initial Coin Offering (AKA ICO)?

Think kickstarter for new crypto coins, raising funds for a new cryptocurrency venture. However, unlike crowdfunding campaigns where its mostly about supporting a product or

company, ICOs offer a return of an investment.

In fact, some of the most popular coins on the cryptocurrency market have started as ICOs. This include world’s second biggest coin, Ethereum, ended up costing only $0.40 each

in the Initial Coin Offering that happened from July 2oth, 2014 to September 2nd, 2014.

At this moment Ethereum’s price is at $604.95 each. Now if we use the formula for pectage gain on a investment:

(Price Sold – Purchase Price) ÷ (Purchase Price)
($604.95 – $0.40) ÷ $0.40 = 151,137.5%

That’s a 151,137.5% gain in less then 3.5 years. Or to put it in a different perspective if you invested just $100 into ethereum then you could sell it for $151,137.50 today. A

$700 investment would yield a cool $1 million.

However, that’s in the past. Today’s ICO don’t gain that much, right?

Actually, they do. Here’s a list form of some of the biggest ICO gainers in 2017 alone.

  • 8,294% in Quark
  • 13,595% in FastCoin
  • 5,683% in Asch
  • 8,313% in MediterraneanCoin
  • 5,248% in NoLimitCoin
  • 6,045% in MaxCoin
  • 7,477% in Golem coins
  • 11,328% in Decred coins
  • 6,792% in WorldCoin
  • 75,063% in Cryptonite
  • 59,577% in Influxcoin
  • And 823,750% in DubaiCoin

However, before you go off and invest into every Intial Coin Offering there is you need to know that not all ICO succeed. Like with all investment, you need be smart on how you

use your money.

Bitcoin Mentor Club has a whole section on Initial Coin Offerings called the “ICO Insider” where you can find the best and latest ICO recommendations.

Inside Bitcoin Mentor Club

  • BMC OVERVIEW: an overview of BitcoinMentorClub’s members’ area and
  • GETTING STARTED: BASICS: If you don’t know anything about Bitcoins, Blockchain or anything related cryptocurrencies, this section is for you.
  • HOW TO BUY BITCOIN & CRYPTOCURRENCIES: complete guide on how to buy all types of coins, and how to store them. Even includes a great tip(secret?) on how to buy without fees.
  • TRADING BITCOINS & ALTCOINS: this is the fun part of learning how to trade cons for short-term gain or long-term profits.
  • CRYPTO CONFIDENTIAL: the newsletters about the latest cryptocurrency picks, recommendation and exact buy/sell details.
  • ICO INSIDER: the best and latest Initial Coin Offerings and invites to buy them. Great way to get your feet wet with a small investment.
  • COMPLETE VIDEO GUIDE TO TRADING CRYPTOCURRENCIES: A to Z course about cryptocurrencies that include buying/selling/trading/mining
  • BONUSES: Special reports on the latest cryptocurrencies and a portfolio manager.
  • CRYPTO NEUROMASTER SOFTWARE: trading software that allows you to trade 13 of the most popular cryptos. A great way tomake money off cryptos if you don’t want to spend time on this.

On top of that, you get 24/7 support that includes email and phone.

Why I Love Cryptocurrencies and The Risk

You see, with

cryptos you don’t need to invest big to make a great ROI.

Especially if you invest into ICOs and lesser known cryptocurrencies found in Bitcoin Mentor Club’s Crypto Insider. Which, as you saw above, can gain 800,000% in a year.

However, even if you bought 1 bitcoin for $995 on January 1st 2017, it will be worth $17,669.84 as of me writing this. That’s a profit of $11,731.04 in less than a year.

What’s the alternative? Considering a stock market has a standard gain of 7% per year, it means that you would need to invest $167,586.29 to get the same ROI as with Bitcoin’s


You can argue that the stocks are more secure, I would argue more predictable, but what’s riskier: invest $1,000 into cryptocurrencies or $167,000 into the stock market?

I personally prefer the first choice by a long shot. And the truth is that you should never invest in anything, stocks or cryptos, that you are not prepared to lose. Everything

can, and as history shows do, fail at times.

So be smart and click here to join Bitcoin Mentor Club today.

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