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Does UpViral make viral marketing painless and profitable? Check out the review below to find out what I discovered.

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The Viral Marketing of 2019

viral amrkting guideWhile viral marketing, or simply word of mouth, has been around for ages it really exploded with social media.

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and LinkedIN gave everyone an ability to share anything and everything online.

Some of the things shared become viral based on the snowball effect.  For example shares a funny video, 5 friends share the same video and then their friends share and so on.  Before you know it everyone is sharing the same video.

Now for the last couple of years marketers tried to leverage that viral power for their own gain. The problem is that marketing content doesn’t really go viral. It’s not something people like to share. Despite of this marketers keep forcing their stuff to go viral with outdated strategies.

How many times did you like or tweet a page because you wanted to see a piece of hidden content, or get something for free?

I know I did, but my only goal was to see the free offer. I could care less if anyone saw my tweet or not. There was no further benefit for me if others clicked on it as well or shared it.

That is the fundamental problem with this kind of marketing. All you have is people sharing the initial page but no one re-sharing anything beyond that point. Hence, it doesn’t go truly viral.

How Does UpViral Do It?

Up Viral by Wilco de Kreij on the hand takes it a step further. Now the goal is no longer just to share it but make sure your friends or people on social media share it as a well. This way you mimic a true viral content because you have multiple people sharing and re-sharing all the time.

So how does it work?

Let’s take a viral giveaway as an example. One of my favorite ways to use UpViral.

viral giveaway

As you can see from above you have a lead page (Up Viral integrates into wordpress, social networks and much more). Once the person signs up it will give him/her the ability to get the product for free if they can get 5 of their friends to sign up as well.

So instead of just having a possibility of one subscriber  per visits, you multiple that by 5 or more depending if they share or not.

This works really great in niche marketing because chances are if your subscriber is into losing weight or healthy eating than their friends will be as well.

Why it works so well?

upviral-logoMost of as have ad fatigue and anything promoted to us by an outside sources has to pass our defensive mechanism. On the other hand if a friend, family or a colleague refers or recommends something those defensive don’t go up as easy.

In fact, 92% of costumers trust referrals and recommendations from family and friend. While only around 13% trust advertising.

That is why it doesn’t matter if you are an email marketer, affiliate marketer, social media marketer or have your own business, everybody needs more views, leads and sales.  That is what UpViral can do for you. Best part is that you can use it with any other starter you are already doing to increase your sales or just start from scratch.

However, the price of UpViral is going up so you better think fast. Grab it below to get started now.

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